Stay awhile, won't you?


Hello! Please come in. Take off your shoes. Have a seat. Sorry about the mess, we're still renovating. Anyways, this site, humble as it may be, serves as a collection of my work; a cozy little place where all my doodles and designs and websites can have a hot chocolate or take a nap. If you want to meet them, they're all hanging out in the portfolio section. Meanwhile, take a look around — you can use that navigation bar at the top — and if you have any questions, let me know.

— Jason

Site design update January 8, 2007

I made a big mistake and left the "under construction" page up for way too long. A redesign is absolutely in the works, but until it's fully realized, it makes more sense to leave the current site as is: accessible. Apologies!

The news in brief: new job; new pictures to upload; new developments on the way. Happy '07 to all!

A note about the site - Please read!!

If the page you're looking at is unstyled—white background, no images—then it means you're using an older browser that isn't fully standards-compliant. To view this page in all its styled glory, please upgrade to a newer version (which you should be doing anyways...). I don't mean to be rude, but I believe the web should be continually moving forwards, not waiting for everyone to catch up.

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